Modifying the device drivers installation permissions

By default, updated device drivers from the Windows Update repository are downloaded and installed automatically on a computer. However, if drivers are not found in the driver store then, only an administrator (user with administrative permissions) can install them. You can change this behaviour by configuring a computer Group Policy so that ordinary users can install specific drivers.

  1. From the Device Manager get the GUID of the Device Class you want the ordinary users to have installation permissions. In order to get the class GUID you need one device already installed as to be able to see the class’s ID.
    Class GUID
  2. Copy the GUID and save it in notepad for later reference
  3. From the Start menu, type gpedit.msc in the Search text box and press enter
  4. In the Local GP editor window, go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Driver Installation node
    Group Policy console
  5. In the details pane, double click Allow Non-Administrators To Install Drivers For These Device Setup Classes
    GP objext
  6. Tick the Enabled checkbox and then click the Show button
  7. In the Show Contents dialog box, double-click the text box and paste the GUID of the Class selected in step 2 and press OK