Device Drivers auto installation settings


Windows 7 downloads and installs device drivers automatically through Windows Update. However, you can modify this behaviour through the Device Installation Settings dialog box.

To open this dialog box type device installation in the Search text box on the Start menu and click Change Device Installation Settings. To disable the recommended action, select No, let me choose what to do

disable auto install

 The available options are: 

  • Always install the best driver software from Windows Update – will check software drivers’ versions and will install only if the Windows Update version is newer than the installed one
  • Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer – will install software drivers from windows Update after searching the local computer without succeeding to find one locally
  • Never install driver software from Windows Update – will disable completely this feature. Ideal in large corporations where driver updates may be done through WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) and tests are performed prior to any installation on the production machines