Dell Latitude D830 display driver problem

The windows NVIDIA display driver installed after a fresh installation of the 32-bit Ultimate/Enterprise editions creates problems on Dell Latitude D830 laptops with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M inbuilt video card! The faulty display driver version is as shown below:

driver details

The symptoms are distorted visual display after a period of inactivity (when the laptop is idle) and occasionally, there is an application popup as follows:

Application popup: Windows – Application Error: The instruction at 0x7752fc47 referenced memory at 0×00000014. The memory could not be written.

When this happens, an event is recorded in the Action Center as shown below:

action center


Download and install the latest driver from Nvidia’s site as no Windows 7 drivers could be found at Dell’s support site. In this particular case and time of article the following Nvidia link will guide you to the latest display driver.

updated driver details