Approving drivers that do not have a trusted certificate

If a device driver package is not signed with a trusted certificate then the user installing the driver needs administrative privileges to be able to complete the installation. You can allow ordinary users (non-administrator user accounts) to install specific drivers that do not have a trusted digital signature by adding them into the driver store. The driver store is a protected area that contains device drivers’ packages that have been approved for installation on the computer. Sometimes, this process is known as staging a driver package.

  1. Log on to the computer with an administrator account
  2. Copy the driver package to a folder on your hard disk ex: c:\mydrivers – make sure that the package includes the driver file ex: mydriver.inf
  3. Open a command prompt window from the Start\Search text box
  4. Type pnputil -a c:\mydrivers\mydriver.inf (set your actual path and driver name)
  5. If you trust this driver, click Install in the Windows Security dialog box to add this driver to the Trusted Publishers certificate store
  6. The PnPUtil reports a published name (oem<number>.inf) that Windows 7 assigns to this package in the driver store. Keep a note of this name in case you need to remove this driver later on. You can use pnputil.exe -e to view all driver package names.