Speed up the Startup process

Although startup times are the result of many variables that differ from one computer to another, the following steps will help you optimize this time. Most commercial applications perform similar actions, therefore, it is wiser to have some knowledge about the startup process and perform the changes yourself, as you are in the best position to decide what is essential or not required in your system. Remember, that third party applications are generic and can do unwanted changes!

  1. In your computer BIOS settings, check whether you have a Fast Boot option and if you have, then enable it. In addition, you can make your computer to boot from the windows hard drive first and not from a removable media drive. I would not recommend the last setting if you boot from removable media on regular basis!
  2. If you have more than one boot menu item, then reduce the time-out value from the Boot tab of the Msconfig tool.
  3. Although, disk defragmentation happens automatically it may not be effective with low free disk space. Therefore, make sure that you always have about 20% of free disk space on your windows drive. If not, delete unwanted files or move some files to another drive and then defragment the drive.
  4. Disable needless hardware using the Device Manager. Although, critical components cannot be disabled, always pay attention when disabling devices. For example disabling the network interface card will disconnect your network or Internet connection.
  5. Remove unnecessary startup applications by removing them from the Startup menu or from within the application startup options itself. Knowledgeable users can use the Msconfig tool.
  6. Some services start automatically when the system boots, when in fact this is not required! Those non-system services that are invoked occasionally by the respective applications can have their startup state changed to Manual. Services that are not needed immediately after a system reboot can be changed to a Delayed Start. Changes to these services can be performed from the Services console by typing services in search text box of the Start menu and click the Services link.