System Restore

Windows 7 creates dated recovery points of your system. It creates these on regular intervals and prior to events such as, the installation of applications and drivers. Restore points contain information about the registry and other system information. Also, you can manually create restore points whenever you deem necessary. Restore points help you restore your computer to a previous state. System restores do not alter user files! – They do not recover user files!
 Note, that you can undo a system restore only if:-
  1.  You perform a system restore from the System Restore console (Start\Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery) after a normal boot
  2. You perform a boot that uses the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option.

Safe mode boot or using the System Recovery options would not allow you to undo a restore, in case the system restore makes things worse! Following such scenario, then the only option remaining would be to choose a different restore point.

 To start the Recovery console, type system Restore in the Start menu Search box and click the appropriate link.

  system restore

The recommended restore point is ticked by default; however, you may select other points through the Choose a different restore point link. A cool feature in this utility is the Scan for affected programs link which I recommend you to run. A list of applications affected by the restore is presented to you and hence, you are well informed which applications will re-appear and which will be gone after the restore.

affected apps

Remember that a system restore restores Windows system files, programs, drivers, registry settings, scripts and executables but does not affect personal files such as, documents. About 300MB of disk space must be available in order to have an effective restore mechanism in place and if this space is filled up, then older restore points are replaced with new ones. Make sure that restore points are enabled from System Protection
Important Note - if you turn off System protection on a disk, all restore points are deleted on that disk!!!!!
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